Sunday, 6 September 2015

Progressive elites unpatriotic, out of touch

My previous post documented the attitudinal chasm between the white working class and Labour elites on the issue of immigration. The two charts below show there is also a huge difference in patriotic sentiment between these two groups. Most members of the white working class feel proud when they see the Union Jack or the St George's Cross, whereas most members of the Labour elite do not feel anything. (Data are from the 2003 wave of the BSA; only English respondents were asked the relevant questions.)

In this context, it is revealing that the Guardian––the newspaper of record for Britain's progressive elites––feels comfortable wearing its distaste for Britain's national pastimes on its sleeve. Apparently, the Union Jack is "ugly and divisive"; a Sunday roast is "oppressive and outmoded"; tea is "a national disgrace"; and brown sauce is "a product of the British empire, and should have gone the same way"

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