Wednesday, 4 March 2015

How spatially concentrated are JSA claimants?

Following on from my last post, the present one examines the spatial concentration of JSA (Jobseeker's allowance) claimants, using data from the ONS. The grey line in the chart below, which corresponds to the general population, indicates how much spatial concentration emerges purely from differences in the populations of local authorities. It has approximately the same integral as the line for White British in the chart from my last post. The line for JSA claimants is slightly further out, indicating that JSA claimants are more spatially concentrated than would be expected purely from differences in the populations of local authorities. 

Here, the top 5% of local authorities (for the relevant group) contain 15% of the general population, and 23% of JSA claimants. The top 10% of local authorities contain 25% of the general population and 35% of JSA claimants.

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