Thursday, 23 October 2014

Total expenditures at the 2014 Nuffield Art Auction

To celebrate a highly successful Art Auction in the Nuffield JCR last night, I thought it was time for another college-themed post. In particular, I thought a quick graphical description of individuals' total expenditure was the order of the day! Data, which were obtained via this afternoon's email to the social list, are of course strictly confidential. The first chart plots the percentage distribution of individuals' total expenditure (figures were only available on those who spent >£0). As expected based on casual observation, it is strongly right-skewed; most of our bidders spent a small-to-moderate amount, while a few high rollers splashed out rather more. The second chart plots the cumulative distribution of individuals' total expenditure. This allows us to see that, for example, our single biggest patron accounted for 11% of overall expenditure, while our top three accounted for nearly 25%.

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