Monday, 29 September 2014

Cameron and Miliband: head-to-head

A month ago I noted that in spite of Labour's poll lead over the Tories, Ed Miliband's popularity among voters continues to trail that of his Conservative counterpart David Cameron. Not only do Brits believe Mr Cameron would make the better leader, but--at least according to one poll--actually see him as cooler than the guy who supports the Red Sox. Thankfully, the ever inquisitive people at YouGov have just completed a new poll that allows us to look at public perception of the two party leaders in even greater detail than before.

This time YouGov asked respondents to identify which terms from a list of 14 they thought best applied to each of the two men; they were allowed to pick up to three for Mr Cameron, and up to three for Mr Miliband. Results are presented in the two charts below. In the spirit of beginning with the bad news, results for the 7 negative terms are presented first. Mr Cameron is viewed as substantially more privileged, somewhat less caring, and slightly more artificial and dishonest. Comparatively, Mr Miliband is regarded as considerably weirder and substantially more out-of-his-depth.

Turning now to the good news, results for the 7 positive terms are presented in the second chart. Here the differences are generally smaller, yet the two men are still by no means identical. Mr Cameron is thought to be somewhat more statesmanlike, somewhat more competent, and somewhat more intelligent. In comparison, Mr Miliband is considered slightly more moderate, somewhat more genuine, and somewhat more in-touch. Neither man would be wise to bank on his looks

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